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Tips For Two

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Meet the Ultimate Globetrotting Couple, John and JoAnn Girard, who have been traveling together for more than two decades. In that time, they've visited six continents and more than 70 countries-not to mention all 50 American states and all 10 Canadian provinces. Nevertheless, they still see traveling together as their favorite pastime, and have no intentions of stopping. What's their secret? It's all part of the plan. Inside Tips for Two: Tales of a Globetrotting Couple, you'll learn 100 tricks of the traveling trade that will make your journeys with your travel partner or loved one smoother, safer, and more rewarding. You'll discover the must-have apps for your smartphone to keep you connected while on the road, techniques to make hours spent in airports less taxing, and advice on how to save money and stay connected in faraway places. Along the way, you'll see beautiful photos and small Travelogue anecdotes from the many places the Girards have visited-from Machu Picchu to the Great Wall of China! It's never too late to learn how to travel, and traveling is never better than with someone close by. So keep your passport handy and check out these Tips for Two!

21 Tips On How To Travel The World On A Budget

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This book contains 21 tips on how you can travel and see new places without having to spend much money. You'll learn about reducing the cost of food, transportation, lodging, and more. Some of the tips you may like while others you may not like. Just look at each tip objectively and choose the ones that you feel are right for your particular travel situation.

Tips To Avoid Teacher Burnout In A Jar(r)

RRP $19.99

Quotes for inspiring teachers and reminding them why they picked their passion. With unique, engaging topics for varying ages, Free Spirit’s In a Jar® products make learning fun, portable, and spontaneous. Kids, parents, and educators will enjoy the games and cards at home, at school, at childcare, in the office, while traveling, at parties, in youth groups, and at camp.

Travels With A Donkey In The Cevennes

RRP $18.99

Robert Louis Stevenson was not only a gifted writer, he was also an indefatigable traveller.

His thirst for adventure was formed by his boyhood visits to remote Scottish lighthouses, and he spent much of his life fleeing the rigours of cold climates and social orthodoxy. Along the way he canoed through Belgium and France, booked passage to and across America, and finally famously settled in Samoa in the South Seas.

The walking trip that Stevenson describes in Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes (1879) was taken when the nascent author was still in his twenties and pining for a lost love. Accompanied by Modestine, the eponymous donkey he hired to carry his camping gear, the journey proved both challenging and charming. The book is infused with all of the qualities that make Stevenson the most popular of writers: humour and humanity, poetry and perspicacity, ebullience and intelligence. Stanfords Travel Classics feature some of the finest historical travel writing in the English language, with authors hailing from both sides of the Atlantic.

Every title has been reset in a contemporary typeface to create a series that every lover of fine travel literature will want to collect and keep.

About the Author

Robert Louis (Balfour) Stevenson was a Scottish novelist, poet, and travel writer, and a leading representative of English literature. He was greatly admired by many authors, including Jorge Luis Borges, Ernest Hemingway, Rudyard Kipling and Vladimir Nabokov.

Most modernist writers dismissed him, however, because he was popular and did not write within their narrow definition of literature. It is only recently that critics have begun to look beyond Stevenson's popularity and allow him a place in the Western canon.

On December 3rd, 1894, he died of an apparent cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 44.

Home Pasta Top Tips

RRP $12.99

If you want top tips fast, this book can be read in minutes! Simply read the first paragraph of each section. Top tips in seconds. You can't miss these paragraphs, they are bold and large font. Get started right away with simple dough recipes. Learn about flour, traditional and gluten free recipes, colored dough, kneading, cutting, drying, storing, and cooking pasta noodles. For those of you who are already home experts, much of this will be a refresher with hopefully a few gems thrown in. We hope you find this little book a big help. Smith Family Retail is a family business. We are committed to providing quality information and products to home cooks and home bakers. Our products are distributed and sold under the Home Kitchen Queen (HKQ) brand.


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