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I Give You My Word - Journal

RRP $24.95

In this beautifully illustrated journal be inspired by Rosie's quotes and write your own thoughts.

The Jewel - Self

I am woken by the word self. I can hear the wind outside as it howls through the trees, it's strong. Self is many things, self is anything. Self is nothing and everything at once. Like the wind that twists and turns, so does the self as it travels through life. It can be up, it can be down, it can be spinning and it can be still, a speck and a particle. Allowance takes me on a constant discovery of what self is. In the very essence of self I find that I am connected to all. The breath, the wind, the mind, the thought, the smile, the look, the listening, the word, the feel, the touch. I am - the self, the mystery, the discovery, all and nothing I am. I connect to wisdom, the beauty and the power of me. I am, I accept, I acknowledge, I allow, I am. The growth, the strength, the possibility of self. The discovery of what was, what is and what could be. A feather, a flame, a drop of water and a dream. I am. - Love Rosie x

About the Author:

Born in the late 1960s, Rosie grew to learn how to mask dysfunction. Living mostly in her head, Rosie thrived in the academic world of finance and business.

Rosie's bubble of reality burst just after the birth of her fourth son. A wave of postnatal depression debilitated her and forced her to look at the horrors of her sexually abusive childhood. Reeling from the blocked pain and memories, Rosie sought answers to who she was and how she had become a slave to the numbness required to survive.

Each time she experienced a healing method that helped her, Rosie studied and became qualified in that field to then help others. She became a Bowen Therapist, Reiki and Seichem Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist using NLP methods, Journey worker and Intuitive Healer. Rosie's connection to spirit as a medium and psychic was ignited.

Once Rosie's heart finally cracked open, her passion then flowed from her pen. Onto the many pages that followed she has shared her own self-discovery, always learning, living and loving towards a better version of self.

Journal Of A Slave-dealer

RRP $299.99

Originally published in 1930, this volume documents the years 1746-1757 from the perspective of an Irish slave-dealer, Nicholas Owen, travelling between Africa and America.

Doc Hall's Journal

RRP $18.99

*Newly updated and chapter added*

Join Doc Hall to travel the globe alongside him in pursuit of outdoor sports--hiking, hunting, fishing and whitewater rafting; throughout the lower forty-eight, Alaska and Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and elsewhere.

Intimate true stories of sporting adventures with family, memorable companions including dogs, and spectacular natural environs with exciting action and humor. Partner with Doc to hike, wade and boat wild rivers, and explore Nature a-field and a-stream or atop a mountain.

Travel Balance

RRP $45.99

How can I thrive while I travel? What can I bring to help me maintain my health? How can I best manage sleep while crossing time zones? Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Travel Balance offers a simple guide on how to stay healthy and balanced while on your trip. World traveler and Naturopath John Ayo shares a wide variety of health tips on some of the best foods to eat, natural supplements to take, some easy ways to exercise, how to reduce stress, get better sleep, and for those long international flights, how to alleviate jetlag. He also offers some natural remedies for some of the most common illness symptoms that can happen while traveling. From preparing for your trip, to traveling to your destination, enjoying your trip, to returning home, Travel Balance is a step-by-step, health and wellness guide that shows you some unique ways to stay balanced and healthy while you travel. "This book is a must for every traveler! I travel internationally quite often and there a so many tips in this book to keep you healthy during your trip. I believe in natural solutions and this guide provides a comprehensive approach to stay healthy naturally while traveling." Esther Ferre, IBM General Manager "Whether one travels constantly for business or just wants to feel their best on that special vacation, this book will have effective tips on how to feel great while doing it well!" Dr. Paul Collett, DC "I travel on over 100 flights every year. Frequent travelers need a system to ensure maximum personal productivity while on the road. Corporations want their employees healthy while they represent the company across the globe. It simply makes financial sense. John's natural approach is a system that works to keep the mind and body healthy and fresh while on the road." Bob Jones, Area Vice President, Midwest Business Unit, IBM Corporation

The Autobiography Of A Journalist

RRP $34.99

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III AN AMERICAN EDUCATION Whether on account of the escapade related in the preceding chapter or from influences of which I knew, and still know, nothing, it was decided not long after that I should go to New York to attend a public school there and live with my eldest brother, who, being twenty-five years older than myself, and childless, had always treated me with an indulgence which was perhaps due in part to the rigor of my father's rule, and in part to his fondness for me, of which I retain some early recollections in his annual visits home. My brother's wife, a fellow towns- woman of ours, and a marriage-convert to the Seventh Day Baptist Church, was one of the most disagreeable persons I have ever had to deal with, and hysterical to a degree of occasional insanity. She had adopted the severities of our Puritanic system with aggravations. The Sabbath under her rule became a day of preatonement for the sins I was foreordained to commit. Dinner, as was the general custom in those days, was at noon, but on Saturday I had none till I had committed to heart and recited a portion of Scripture, and as the mental apathy of the period still weighed on me, the task of the Seventh Day was a sarcastic comment on the divine rest,in commemoration of which it was supposed to be instituted, and it made me grateful for the Sunday, which I generally passed in mechanical occupations in the workshop of my third brother, Paul, the foreman of the department in which the minor articles of the works were made, steam-gauges, models of inventions, etc., and as I had my share of the family manual dexterity, I found interest enough in the workshop. As my brothers always observed the Sabbath rigidly, they attracted around them a few of the New England mechanics who were " Sabbath-keepers "...


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