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The Prairie Traveler, A Handbook For Overland Expeditions

RRP $49.99

This was the indispensable handbook for American pioneers traveling west in the mid 19th century. Commissioned and published by the U.S. government and written in a straightforward and helpful voice by U.S. Army officer Randolph Barnes Marcy (1812-1887), it offers all the useful and necessary advice overland travelers to the far West needed to ensure a safe journey: . the different routes to California and Oregon . how to pack a wagon for the journey . finding and purifying water . repairing broken wagons . weathering storms . how to handle saddle wounds . the best way to make a fire on the prairie . interacting with Indians . hints on the best methods of hunting . and much more. Complete with all the original maps and illustrations, this replica edition is a remarkable artifact of one of the most exciting and dangerous eras in American history.

Sheila's Travel Guide

RRP $16.99

A Nile "Cruise" is nothing like a traditional cruise; think Mississippi-style riverboat and forget all your "Love Boat" conceptions. There are: no casinos, zip lines, movie theaters, or lavish entertainment. Cruise ships slowly putt-putt down the Nile River covering perhaps 300 kilometers/200 miles on the longest river in the world that stretches 4,000 miles from East Africa to the Mediterranean. Should you take one? This Guide will give information, options, what to expect and what to miss ( not everything is perfect). You'll read about iconic sights typically seen on shore, Sheila's favorites, omit in depth facts easily found on the Internet and related by Egyptologist guides, different options, and learn how to navigate the Cairo airport. Let Travels With Sheila teach you how to Travel the World on a Budget, and most importantly, ease your fears about languages, currencies, personal safety and staying healthy. Follow her advice to avoid making mistakes she learned the hard way which included food poisoning on Greek cruise. (Don't EVER eat buffet food that has been sitting on deck, in the sun!) HERE'S SOME OF THE INFORMATION YOU'LL FIND INSIDE... - Important Tips for Traveling in Egypt. - What You Need to Know About Nile Cruises. - Where Should You Begin Your Nile Cruise - Aswan or Luxor. - How to Choose Optional Shore Excursions. Now, Travels With Sheila tells it like it is with personalized, up-to-date information, and photographs to make the most of your Nile Cruise. Turmoil in Egypt has settled down and now is the time to visit. Don't wait another second to see Egypt's unimaginable sights with your own eyes...

Travel Tales

RRP $34.99

TRAVEL TALES is a collection of short stories written by A.B.M. Nurul Islam based on his observations while working and traveling through the vast swathe of the earth extending from the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan) on the east, through the Central Asian Republics of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the middle, to the Atlantic shores of Europe on the west. The author while working to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons as a Safeguards Inspector was a keen observer of local customs and traditions, human behavior, follies and foibles. He was in a unique position to watch the countries of the former Soviet Socialist Republics emerge from the rubble of the collapse of the Soviet Empire. His insights into the people and customs of these countries told through travel tales, humorous and informative, written in a racy and fluent style, is sure to keep the reader interested till the end.

Fire Safety Engineering Design Of Structures

RRP $527.99

Designing structures to withstand the effects of fire is challenging, and requires a series of complex design decisions. This third edition of Fire Safety Engineering Design of Structures provides practising fire safety engineers with the tools to design structures to withstand fires. This text details standard industry design decisions, and offers expert design advice, with relevant historical data.

It includes extensive data on materials' behaviour and modeling -- concrete, steel, composite steel-concrete, timber, masonry, and aluminium. While weighted to the fire sections of the Eurocodes, this book also includes historical data to allow older structures to be assessed. It extensively covers fire damage investigation, and includes as far back as possible, the background to code methods to enable the engineer to better understand why certain procedures are adopted.

What's new in the Third Edition?

An overview in the first chapter explains the types of design decisions required for optimum fire performance of a structure, and demonstrates the effect of temperature rise on structural performance of structural elements. It extends the sections on less common engineering materials. The section on computer modelling now includes material on coupled heat and mass transfer, enabling a better understanding of the phenomenon of spalling in concrete. It includes a series of worked examples, and provides an extensive reference section.

Readers require a working knowledge of structural mechanics and methods of structural design at ambient conditions, and are helped by some understanding of thermodynamics of heat transfer. This book serves as a resource for engineers working in the field of fire safety, consultants who regularly carry out full fire safety design for structure, and researchers seeking background information.

Dr John Purkiss is a chartered civil and structural engineer/consultant and former lecturer in structural engineering at Aston University, UK.

Dr Long-Yuan Li is Professor of Structural Engineering at Plymouth University, UK, and a Fellow of the Institution of Structural Engineers.

Travels With A Donkey In The Cevennes (travel Memoir)

RRP $0.00

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894), was a Scottish novelist, poet, and travel writer, and a leading representative of Neo-romanticism in English literature. He was greatly admired by many authors, including Jorge Luis Borges, Ernest Hemingway, Rudyard Kipling and Vladimir Nabokov. Most modernist writers dismissed him, however, because he was popular and did not write within their narrow definition of literature. It is only recently that critics have begun to look beyond Stevenson's popularity and allow him a place in the Western canon. Stevenson was a celebrity in his own time, but with the rise of modern literature after World War I, he was seen for much of the 20th century as a writer of the second class, relegated to children's literature and horror genres. His works include: An Inland Voyage (1878), Familiar Studies of Men and Books (1882), New Arabian Nights (1882), Kidnapped (1886), The Merry Men and Other Tales and Fables (1887), Memories and Portraits (1887), Memoir of Fleeming Jenkin (1887), The Black Arrow (1888), and Master of Ballantrae: A Winter's Tale (1889).


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