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Common Sense Is Watch Word For Global Travel

RRP $889.99

Stranger Danger is the Main Idea of this Book and pays Tribute to the people who use the brain for Global Travel. Read this book and become World Wise. Safety is said to always be first.

Beautiful And The Time Travelers

RRP $18.99

Samuel Carvelus never came home from the logging mill that evening. The rushing river claimed him as its own. His wife Megan and nine year old daughter Shiloh received word there was an accident; Samuel was killed saving the life of Jacob Turner, an eighteen year old boy just starting out in the logging business. No man could have done what Samuel did in saving this young life. He filled his lungs with air, dived into the rushing river, and struggled to dodge the floating timbers. Beneath the timbers he searched savagely for Jacob's body. Numbed by the cold raging river, the fierceness of the current thrust his body forward; his lungs began to crave for air, but dare not surface. He spotted the boy's body dangling from a jagged rock like a rag doll. He aligned himself and allowed the river to force his body toward the boy just as Jacob's shirt tore loose from the rock, Samuel grabbed hold of his arm; he scanned the surface for a break from the rushing logs. Daylight appeared between the rock and the banks. He pushed upward to the surface hanging tight to Jacob's limp body. He shoved the boy up on the embankment, four men hoisted the boy to safety, but it was too late for Samuel, the swiftness of the logs slammed into his back crushing his body while the raging current sucked him under.

The Prairie Traveler, A Handbook For Overland Expeditions

RRP $49.99

This was the indispensable handbook for American pioneers traveling west in the mid 19th century. Commissioned and published by the U.S. government and written in a straightforward and helpful voice by U.S. Army officer Randolph Barnes Marcy (1812-1887), it offers all the useful and necessary advice overland travelers to the far West needed to ensure a safe journey: . the different routes to California and Oregon . how to pack a wagon for the journey . finding and purifying water . repairing broken wagons . weathering storms . how to handle saddle wounds . the best way to make a fire on the prairie . interacting with Indians . hints on the best methods of hunting . and much more. Complete with all the original maps and illustrations, this replica edition is a remarkable artifact of one of the most exciting and dangerous eras in American history.

No Safewords

RRP $19.99

Ten stories of BDSM, submission, and service set in the secret world of Laura Antoniou's Marketplace. The Marketplace has fans all over the world, and Antoniou invited them to come play in her fictional sandbox/dungeon. Numbered among those fans happen to be some of the top erotica and alternative sexuality writers in the world, including D.L. King, Sassafras Lowrey, and Elizabeth Schechter. The full slate of writers contributing to NO SAFEWORDS runs the gamut of award-winning authors to bright-eyed new voices, as creator Laura Antoniou explains in her introduction: "As the saying goes, 'blessed are those who embellish the tale.' So here is the Marketplace, as seen through other eyes. There are some stories that show the world exactly as I created it, and some that push my boundaries a tad. There is romance and strife, glee and despair. There is hot sex, of course, but there's also humor and melodrama. Just the way I like it. "There were some surprises for me! I was delighted to find several female dominant/male submissive stories, especially since my examples of those relationships tend to be supporting, rather than main characters. I was also pleased by the writers who weren't afraid to go a little dark; a collection of stories all about slaves misbehaving in mildly inconvenient ways and getting fantastically, erotically punished would have been tiresome. "So whether you want a rollicking Victorian flavored tale of adventure and romance or a modern, sexy welcome to a new home for a familiar character, you will find flavors here to tempt or satisfy your tastes. Return for more time travel to a world where the language we so casually use to describe our tastes doesn't even exist, but where longing for a ritualized order and discipline and a sense of belonging transcends words, and gets expressed in the rich metaphor-and reality-of a garden. "Then swerve away from romance to feel the terror of a slave newly sold to an owner who represents their worst nightmare, whether because of demographics or the enormous challenge of a language barrier. "Here, you can get into the reflection of a trainer's long career or the grief and anguish of a new owner confronted with an inherited house full of property she didn't choose. Or, watch how even the jaded, experienced ways of the Marketplace aware people become awkward in that most awkward of adult challenges-a marriage proposal. Get a glimpse into the rarefied and formal household of an owner/spotter, and then take a detour to the desolate history of a young genderqueer punk fresh from the streets, confronted with the most iconic of Marketplace characters. All of this-a synthesis of my imagination and theirs, fed by culture, fantasy, fairy tales and fears. All fiction is, in a way, fan fiction. I am sorry it took so long for me to see this and to open myself to the interesting sensations-you might call it edge-play-in giving people access to my favorite victims. But better late than never!" Full table of contents: A Thousand Things Before Breakfast by Marie Casey Stevens The First by D. Alexandria If You Try Sometime by D. L. King Her Owner's Voice by Leigh Ann Hildebrand Hiding in Plain Sex by Sassafras Lowrey Delirious Moonlight, 1916: Mr. Sloan's Boy by Anna Watson Pearls in the Deep Blue Sea by Jamie Thorsen Coals for the New Castle by Marie Casey Stevens Getting Real by S.M. Li O, Promise Me! by Elizabeth Schechter

A Gringocua Travels Puerto Rico Gurabo

RRP $12.99

The gringocua and his wife, the boricua, are on the road again. This time to Gurabo, Puerto Rico. Learn the history, find sites to visit and see some pictures. The Gringocua Travels set will show all 78 pueblos of Puerto Rico. Collect them all and come visit


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