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Ocean Travel And Cruising

RRP $363.99

In Ocean Travel and Cruising: A Cultural Analysis, noted author Arthur Asa Berger turns his critical eye to the phenomenon of ocean cruising. This academically solid yet reader-friendly book brings a multidisciplinary cultural studies approach to the subject, examining ocean cruising from economic, semiotic, sociological, psychoanalytic, and marketing perspectives, and offering insights not provided by the more traditional sociological approaches to the subject. You'll explore cruise demographics, the relationship between cruising and gender, the sociology of dining on cruise ships, hedonism and pleasure seeking, the "compulsion to cruise," consolidation in the industry, the exploitation of workers on cruise ships, and a great deal more.
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Travel For Free..(almost)

RRP $13.99

TRAVEL FOR FREE.....(ALMOST) - LIVE THE LIFE OF A DIGITAL NOMAD!This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to quit your day job, retire early, and spend your time travelling across the world.Today only, get this Amazing Amazon book for this incredibly discounted price! It is a must-read for people who are tired of their daily routine and want to experience something new and exciting. Want to travel but only have a limited budget? Relax; this book also contains effective strategies that will help you explore the world, even if you have a tight budget.Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Why Should You Travel The World Today? How To Quit Your Day Job And Make Money As A Digital Nomad How To Work For Yourself Online Blogging Or Through Other Means Make Money Online And Earn Passive Income How To Travel Around The World For Free...... Almost Tips For Learning Native Languages Of Other Countries Designing Your Lifestyle Around Travelling Retiring Early Becoming A Minimalist Much, Much More!Get your copy today!

Tourism, Travel, And Blogging

RRP $240.99

Travel often inspires the creation of narratives about journeys and destinations, more so with the increasing availability of online platforms, applications for smartphones and tablets, and various other social media technologies. This book examines travel blogs and their associated social media as a form of self-presentation that negotiates the tensions between discourses of travel and tourism. As such, it addresses how contemporary travellers use online platforms to communicate their experiences of journeys and destinations, and how the traveller/tourist dichotomy finds expression in these narratives. Addressing the need for more in-depth analysis through a study of blogs, this exploration of networked narratives of an individual's travel experience considers personal motivations, self-promotion, and self-presentation as key factors in the creation of both personal and commercial travel blogs. As this text applies concepts such as self-presentation and heteroglossia, it will be of interest to both students and scholars of tourism, new media, sociology, cultural studies, and discourse studies.

Nonlinear Programming And Variational Inequality Problems

RRP $711.99

Since I started working in the area of nonlinear programming and, later on, variational inequality problems, I have frequently been surprised to find that many algorithms, however scattered in numerous journals, monographs and books, and described rather differently, are closely related to each other. This book is meant to help the reader understand and relate algorithms to each other in some intuitive fashion, and represents, in this respect, a consolidation of the field. The framework of algorithms presented in this book is called Cost Approxi- mation. (The preface of the Ph.D. thesis [Pat93d] explains the background to the work that lead to the thesis, and ultimately to this book.) It describes, for a given formulation of a variational inequality or nonlinear programming problem, an algorithm by means of approximating mappings and problems, a principle for the update of the iteration points, and a merit function which guides and monitors the convergence of the algorithm. One purpose of this book is to offer this framework as an intuitively appeal- ing tool for describing an algorithm. One of the advantages of the framework, or any reasonable framework for that matter, is that two algorithms may be easily related and compared through its use. This framework is particular in that it covers a vast number of methods, while still being fairly detailed; the level of abstraction is in fact the same as that of the original problem statement.

Travel Through: Australia

RRP $17.99


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